About us

This website is a malicious-code-detecting platform, which uses machine-learning algorithms to help users detect the malicious code in files. Our team dedicates to provide users malicious-code-detecting services for free.

Important Note

The malicious-code-detecting service in this website only provides users with information about the files’ degree of harm. Besides, the machine-learning model may appear error. You should decide whether to run the file by yourself.

This site provides the detection results of multi-engine antivirus software, but the results do not guarantee that the files are harmless. We are not responsible for the results.

We suggest you use a virtual machine when you decide to run a file.


to abstain from any business purposes when you use the services;

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to abstain from accessing the site illegally and any activity that could copy the content of the site;

to abstain from any activity that could damage, overload, harm or impede the normal functioning of the Services.

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